About Us

Know Your Farmer

Jay and Rose Lewis founded Rebecca Farms, LLC in the summer of 2010. Long-standing ties to the community – Jay’s grandfather, Joe Lewis, owned Lewis Supply Co. on Main Street in Hemingway – and a commitment to supporting and investing in our local economy led us to the area best positioned to be a role model for quality, sustainable agriculture.


Our Mushrooms

scgrown logoWe grow our delicious oyster mushrooms on locally sourced agricultural waste, that is remnants from oat and wheat harvests that would normally be disposed of, as well as a blend of supplementary nutrients to ensure a healthy, stable crop.

All of the substrate and supplements used to grow our mushrooms are from non-GMO crops, and we plan to incorporate more certified organic materials into our growing process as they become available.

Our mushrooms are carefully harvested by hand at the peak of freshness and delivered to you within 24 hours of packing.

We are also the only mushroom farm in the state that is Certified SC Grown. If your restaurant participates in the Department of Agriculture’s Fresh On The Menu program, you can be sure that having Rebecca Farms mushrooms means you’re serving your customers the freshest, highest quality local ingredients.


Seasonal Varieties

Although we grow mushrooms year-round, we offer different varieties depending on the season.

April – October

  • Elm
  • Golden
  • Pink
  • Warm Blue

November – March

  • Brown
  • Cold Blue
  • White


Our Farm

Our new facility on 30 acres in Pamplico, will provide over 5,000 cubic feet of climate-controlled growing space.

This location will be MGAP (Mushroom Good Agricultural Practices) Certified, making us the first mushroom farm in South Carolina with this distinction.

Also on the horizon are plans to incorporate more species of gourmet mushrooms, including shiitake and almond Portobello, among others.